April Intentions

Since September, I’ve made it a habit to sit down at the beginning of a new month and write out a few intentions. These intentions serve as guiding lights for my decisions that will follow. They are not goals, but they help me to thoughtfully shape my goals, in line with my core beliefs.

In moments of aimlessness or restlessness or disquiet, I can return to the page where I wrote my intentions and reorient. It is soothing, and it helps to chart a course. From month to month, I can see what I have been working on. I can see what I have been continually struggling with, and what I have shed. It is part of my practice of svadhyaya – self inquiry.

Mostly, the practice reminds me that every month, every week, every day is a chance to refresh. To begin anew. To grow.

Do you set intentions? What purpose do they serve you?